Here, at the heart of our journey is our website.  It’s here you can follow our unique culinary adventure by bicycle around France. Ask us questions, browse magnificent photo and video galleries highlighting our training at each stage of our trek, means to contact us, our individual accounts of each stage of the project and ways track our progress and preview the adventures that still lie ahead.

There are amazing original recipes from us, inspired by each stop in our travels, as well as incredible regional traditional recipes we have picked up along the way.

Our trip is based on a core set of values that are central to everything we will do over the next year: tireless thirst for knowledge, respect for the environment, economic efficiency, pushing boundaries both physical and intellectual, but most important, for the pleasure! We hope you enjoy following us!  Thank you for your support and involvement and we truly hope our journeys will inspire you to experience your life, your country (wherever that may be), and your passions to the fullest!

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